Elon Musk, the mogul behind PayPal and SpaceX, officially announced that he plans to colonize Mars. Musk rolled out the plan Tuesday, causing eyebrows to raise and jaws to drop all over the world as humanity confronts the stranger-than-science-fiction reality of the possibility of setting up home on extraterrestrial territory. 

Musk unveiled his plan at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico on Tuesday, detailing the technology that would be necessary to not only get humans to Mars, but living there. According to Wired, Musk imagines a spacecraft (which doesn't yet exist) would haul 100 humans up, up and away to the red planet. The trip would take about three months.

Ultimately, Musk wants millions of people living on Mars.

Social media reviews for the new plan have been mixed. Some people are impressed, others think it's time for white people to stop colonizing things. 

Musk said tickets up to Mars will probably cost around $200,000—so chump change, basically.