The bizarro world of the Donald Trump presidential campaign was rendered even stranger when boxing promoter and Trump supporter Don King accidentally used the N-word in a speech when introducing Donald Trump at a church in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday. King went on to call on all white women to vote for Trump. 

King was introducing Trump during the latest of Trump's African American outreach events, few of which have been well-received by black activists. 

King accidentally used the N-word after saying the word "negro" several times while discussing black entrepreneurship. After saying the N-word, King quickly backtracked by saying, "I mean 'negro,'" as Trump chuckled from his seat just behind King. Perhaps even more uncomfortable than Trump's chuckle was another white man behind the podium who seemed to barely be able to contain his laughter.

King went on to compare white women to slaves and people of color, asserting that white women should vote for Trump for the same reasons that black people should vote for Trump. "The white woman did not have the rights, and she still don't have the rights," King said. "And people of color don't have their rights. Those are the left-outs." 

"Every white woman should cast their vote for Donald Trump," King continued, "not for Donald Trump the man, but to knock out the system to help him to get their rights." King also said that the media has tried to "ridiculize," "ostracize" and "pervert" Trump's message. 

King's speech was delivered on Wednesday morning and has already been the subject of intense ridicule among Trump critics on Twitter.