A woman in San Jose, Calif. ordered out for chicken wings from a local Domino's last Tuesday but received huge wads of cash instead of juicy, spicy chicken. ABC 7 News in San Francisco reports that Selena Avalos ordered wings from her local Domino's and initially thought her order of wings had been mixed up and replaced with bread sticks.

But no, it was not bread sticks or anything even close to resembling edible food. Rather, Avalos discovered stacks of cash totaling $5,000. Presumably being a better person than anyone else in the world, Avalos called the main Domino's downtown to let them know she'd received a boatload of money instead of chicken wings. When nobody returned her call, Avalos was confused, "Wouldn't they be thinking, 'Where did that money go?'" 

Avalos then turned to ABC 7 for assistance tracking down the appropriate person to report the money to. ABC 7 reports that they helped Avalos contact Domino's corporate offices and the owner of the franchise where she ordered the wings so that she could return the funds. 

Though ABC 7 reports Avalos did not want to keep the cash and only sought to return it to the franchise, she is still being rewarded for handing the money over. Avalos' employer, Spacetel Wireless, gave her a paid week off from work, and better yet: Domino's is giving her free pizzas for an entire year.

No word on whether or not any of the pizzas can be exchanged for chicken wings.