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Jerks dressed as scary clowns have been reportedly spotted everywhere, from both North Carolina and South Carolina to Ohio, and now, unfortunately, to New Jersey as well (though at least one of the North Carolina incidents was faked). NJ Advanced Media reports that the Garden State has seen four reports of creepy clowns in the last two days—all in the same town.

Lehigh Valley is the latest town to get creeped out and threatened by a scary clown problem that only seems to be getting worse. Captain Robert Stettner of the Phillipsburg Police Department told NJ that they are encouraging the public to keep their cool amidst the reported clown sightings. "We don't need a society living in fear," Stettner said. Indeed we do not.

As with earlier sightings in other parts of the country, the first clown spotting occurred near woods, where witnesses said they saw three clowns chasing children, according to NJ. An additional three reports of antagonistic clowns rolled in Monday, one of which NJ reports was described as a jester, and was seen carrying a sword and chasing a child.

When police investigated the reports, they were unable to track down the clowns (dang those removable wigs, clothes, and makeup!).

With Halloween on the horizon, it's possible that these frightening clown antics will subside as we enter November, but then we've just got the election to deal with.