Guys can do some dumb stuff at bachelor parties. But some dumb stuff is worse than others—like, say, bringing a sex doll to the 9/11 memorial just days before the 15th anniversary of the attack.

On Friday, a group of men were taking selfies with a blow-up sex doll at the Ground Zero memorial and were later confronted by police and asked to leave. Officer Arlene Muniz told Fox News, "They [the NYPD] just told them to leave without any further incident."

When asked what they were doing, the apparent groom brushed off concern, saying, "It's just a bachelor party." 

The group of men, according to the Daily Mail, said they were from London, and at least some of them worked together at a New York bank.

The shenanigans, which many found to be extremely disrespectful, took place just days before the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, which left nearly 3,000 people dead and thousands injured. 

As you'd expect, many people aren't happy about it.

The New Jersey 9/11 Memorial Foundation's Rosanne Hughes, who lost her husband in the attack, told the Daily Mail: "I'm speechless. I don't even have any words for that—that's a disgrace. That is sacred ground, I lost my husband and I don't even know what to say—it's disgusting."

She went on: "I honestly think it's disgraceful to take selfies of anybody there laughing and smiling when they haven't lived the life we've lived for 15 years and the people we've lost. Even though it's been 15 years every year is difficult and seeing things like this is heartbreaking."

Michael Frazier, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum's executive vice president of communications and marketing, added : "This image is exceptionally disturbing. What is just as disturbing—if not more—is that these people find it appropriate to blatantly disrespect this place made sacred by the murder of 3,000 innocent people."

Others took to Twitter to express their disdain:

So if you're planning on a bachelor party anytime soon, make sure it doesn't have anything to do with 9/11.