So you're stupendously day-drunk and you need a ride. Do you call your mom? Hell no. You order yourself an Uber, thus playing the conversational version of Russian roulette. Will the driver insist on speaking to you? Will he be a Macklemore fan? Anything can happen! But, as evidenced on the YouTube channel Ryan Is Driving, it's actually often the passengers who bring unexpected entertainment to the otherwise mundane task of transportation.

For his latest Uproxx-spotted video, Uber driver Ryan Paul gives those fortunate enough to not own or otherwise be able to operate a motor vehicle a fascinating glimpse into the day-to-day life of a transporter. For this particular dude, the Uber life includes being mistaken for alleged public urinator Ryan Lochte, discussing the general annoyance of the name Tammy, correcting the pronunciation of the late Harambe, and (of course) plenty of apparent drunkenness.

For those pondering the potential legal issues inherent in filming and sharing Uber rides, dude has already handled it. "Those in my videos consented to being in my project, blurred identity or not, and I am in no way affiliated with Uber," he explains in the video's YouTube description. "I am an independent contractor and how I conduct my business is solely up to me." The YouTube page has been going for a few months now, having previously shared this in-ride Uber discussion on idealism vs. pragmatism:

Videos of this nature could take a very interesting turn in the years ahead, as Uber just announced the launch of its first fleet of self-driving cars. The debut fleet of modified models of the Volvo XC90 SUV will be made available in Pittsburgh in late August, Bloomberg reported. Though actual humans will still be aboard the vehicle to "supervise" the process for the time being, this most certainly marks the beginning of the end for small talk.