Toronto’s CNE is an annual fair that features carnival rides, cool prizes, and an assortment of ridiculous foods. Every year, Torontonians flock to the “the Ex” to get their party on, hang out with their friends, and celebrate the last few days of summer. It’s always a blast for participants, and it seems as though the organizers want to keep it that way.

After opening the gates last week, many began to notice that the CNE installed new all-gender bathrooms. The restrooms were established to service everyone, and overall, help to reinforce an atmosphere of acceptance. The fair grounds are yet another Toronto landmark to embrace the idea, after both Ryerson University and the Royal Ontario Museum, who implemented similar facilities earlier in the year.

The move is getting a big thumbs up from festival-goers, who are praising the CNE for making the event a safer, and more enjoyable experience for its attendees. Emphasizing that the CNE is unconcerned about who uses the stalls, the all-gender signs display inclusive text that reads "We Don't Care". As for the actual design, the clever symbol was created by American artist, Peregrine Honig​. CNE general manager, Virginia Ludy,​ told the Toronto Star that she hopes the bathrooms are used for many more years to come.