While Donald Trump's appearance at the Republican National Convention may have spurred a surge of Trump-related searches on Pornhub, it didn't help him out very much with public opinion, according to a new poll by Gallup

Gallup has been polling people after the major political conventions on this topic since the early '80s, and no candidate has ever done worse in this particular poll than Trump, Gallup said.  Basically, they asked people if after watching Trump at the convention if they'd be more likely to vote for him, less likely to vote for him, or still felt the same. 

Of the 1,000 people Gallup surveyed, 51 percent said they'd be less likely to vote for him, compared to 36 percent who were more likely to vote for him after the RNC. That's a difference of 15 points. For a little bit of context, the next worse result of any candidate since Gallup started doing this poll was Mitt Romney in 2012 when 40 percent of voters said they were more likely to vote for him and 38 said they were less likely. Trump blew him out of the water for biggest L. 

Meanwhile, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had a positive difference of four points. Forty five percent of people said they were more likely to vote for her afterwards, while 41 percent said they were less likely. 

Gallup also asked people to rate the nominees' speeches that capped off their respective conventions. Trump's speech, which basically painted a doomsday scenario of an America desperately in need of his "yuuge" plans for law and order, was rated "excellent" by 35 percent of respondents and "terrible" by 36 percent. Hillary's speech was rated excellent by 44 percent of people and terrible by 20 percent. 

These numbers don't necessarily reflect Trump's gains in the key swing states where he needs it the most, such as Florida, Michigan and Virginia. The CBS News Battleground Tracker poll released directly after the RNC wrapped up showed Trump taking a slight lead over Clinton in some battleground states.