The universe has many questions for a Pittsburgh student who attempted to jump from one rooftop to another just to impress his date. Pittsburgh officials worked tirelessly early Tuesday morning to free the lodged man, CBS Pittsburgh reported. After reportedly spending 4 hours stuck between 2 buildings on Forbes Avenue, the Indiana Township resident and University of Pittsburgh student was freed around 6 a.m.


The student, later identified by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as 22-year-old Grant Birdsong, is believed to have met a woman and brought her to the rooftop. According to Public Safety Department spokesperson Sonya Toler, Birdsong then "decided to impress her by leading from one roof to the next," but instead fell 3 stories and became lodged. Local reporters and the Public Safety Department documented the ensuing rescue process on Twitter, a process that ultimately ended with some serious Qdoba destruction:

Dude even gave a post-rescue thumbs up:

Birdsong reportedly sustained a minor ankle injury for his troubles. "I thought it was going to be a hole to patch, but we're going to have to remove the entire interior wall," Chad Brooks, Qdoba manager, told CBS Pittsburgh of the resulting wall damage that will now inflict severe hunger on any number of citizens:

"All in a day's work," the Pittsburg Public Safety Department's Facebook posted Tuesday. The street was promptly cleared and local life presumably returned to its regular pace. But the lessons learned that fateful evening? They are eternal.