Heading out for a wholesome night on the town with your work pals can get a bit pricey, even for the wealthiest among us. But when a co-worker suggests hitting up the strip club? Well, that takes the expenditure levels to previously unforeseen heights. But, hey, don't sweat it! Just charge it to the game—and by game, we of course mean the Pentagon.

Yep. According to a new report released Tuesday from the Department of Defense, Pentagon officials let employees use government credit cards at both strip clubs and casinos. This all went down without "serious reprisal," the Guardian reports. In fact, these shenanigans also presented an apparently overlooked security issue:

"DoD management did not consistently consider the security implications of improper personal use of the travel card; specifically, only 2 of 30 cardholders (5 cardholders did not have security clearances) were reported to the appropriate adjudicative facility prior to this audit."

The initial 2015 audit discovered that workers spent nearly $100,000 at various strip clubs and related adult-oriented establishments, which kinda sounds like nothing when compared with the estimated $1 million spent at casinos. As for how exactly such charges are allowed to exist, the report's findings suggest that Defense Travel Management Office officials and DoD management did not properly explain how the travel cards should be used. Furthermore, DoD officials were not adequately trained on how to discipline those found to have misused the cards. For the complete rundown, read the full report right here.

Speaking of strip clubs, last month's Republican National Convention had local strip joints leaping for joy. As it turns out, government-minded peeps seem to have a thing for this particular brand of entertainment. "Republicans love strippers," Jeff Kallam, general manager at Crazy Horse in Cleveland, told the Daily Beast. "So we're just hoping to make some money."