Pauline Hanson’s long-running disgust for the halal snack pack has been well-documented, with New South Wales senator Sam Dastyari’s offer to take her out for one in Sydney receiving a firm “nah”. With that in mind, a Pozible crowd-funding campaign has popped up to send Pauline a HSP every single day that she’s in the senate, for one month.

A group of activists from “Campaign against Racism & Fascism”, on Facebook, have currently raised $390 out of a $560 target. The group’s Pozible page claims that the "Halal For Hanson" campaign hopes to “strike a blow against racism and ignorance” and “build a better, more understanding, and more delicious Australia”. The campaigners have asserted that if “Hanson will not go to the HSP, the HSP must go to Hanson”.

The price breakdown has the HSPs going for $10-15 (pending the need for Deliveroo) and a possible $400 to get “comedians and film makers” to go to Canberra and film the delivery. Any further funds will go direct to the campaigners to fight against Hanson’s “divisive policies”.

The campaign is very possibly a response to recent events involving the harassment of Father Rod Bower’s pro-muslim church on the Central Coast. This week, the Party for Freedomstaunch Hanson supporters–dressed in mock Muslim clothing, invading the church and interrupting a sermon.

While the HSP campaign is clearly a joke and seems to come from the right place, commenters are still unsure as to how this truly forwards the group’s agenda – many have suggested the money could be funneled into a few places that would likely appreciate it much more than Pauline. Still, if you'd like to contribute the cause, you can still do so here.