An video surfaced on Instagram Friday that alleges to show three police officers punching and kneeing a man in the head while he was pinned to the ground. The video, which appeared on the Instagram accounts of @GoHardBoyzNYC and @Hocus45th Friday, is brief but shows the unidentified man being physically restrained as officers make repeated blows to the head.

According to the posters, the situation occurred in the Bronx. "3 against 1," @Hocus45th wrote on Instagram when sharing the video. "He's trying to block his face and this pig keep hitting him. This is in the Bronx too." No additional details, including specific location or time, were made immediately available. Additionally, Complex's attempts to reach the owners of the Instagram accounts were not immediately successful.

"Stop beating him up!" one witness is heard saying in the footage. "Why are you hitting him? That don't make no sense!" Another is heard screaming. One apparent officer in a Yankees hoodie, whose badge appears to be exposed, appears to make several successful blows to the unidentified man's head. The department associated with that badge has not been confirmed.

The footage appears to have originated from Instagram before making its way to the New York Daily News, which noted that one of the apparent officers seems to have some sort of cut or small wound on the top of his head. The footage has since been shared by multiple Instagram accounts, meaning it's currently not clear who is the original poster.

The New York City Police Department did not immediately respond to Complex’s request for comment.