This man got dragged, literally not figuratively, when his girlfriend got up on the strip club stage, knocked over a stripper giving him a lap dance, and pulled him off stage. And even worse, it was caught on video. 

The embarrassing and schadenfreude-packed video has gone viral after originally being posted to Facebook, where it's been viewed over two million times. The Daily Mail reported the video took place in a strip club in the Philippines.

Once the stripper sits the guy down, she begins to dance facing him and lifts up her shirt. Before you know it, the guy's girlfriend is on the stage knocking the dancer over right as A$AP Ferg's "Work" kicks in. As she's going down, the dancer tries to hold on for dear life to the guy, who doesn't even try to catch her, but it's too late because the girlfriend is already yanking him off the stage. The stripper is seen getting up toward the end of the video, but a few seconds later, it seems she exits stage right. 

So many questions remain by the end of the video. Why let your mans go to the club in the first place? Why go with him? Was she following him and caught him right when he was about to get a lap dance?

Good luck to the guy whose girlfriend seems like the type to set his penis on fire for cheating on her.