The Florida teen accused of impersonating a doctor has been arrested again on new charges. 19-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson a.k.a. 'Dr. Love' faces charges for grand theft of over $20,000 and "obtaining property" through writing a worthless check, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Love-Robinson was taken to Palm Beach County Jail Monday when deputies showed up with a warrant at a court hearing where Love-Robinson was at for previous charges. Citing court documents released Monday, the Sun Sentinel reported Love-Robinson allegedly wrote a $1,500 check for a down payment to West Palm Nissan on May 23, 2015, before he was arrested for impersonation. The grand theft charge was regarding an Oct. 13 incident, though no further information was made known. For these new charges, Love-Robinson faces up to 20 years. His previous charges, including practicing medicine without a license, could have landed him up to 70 years in prison. CBS 12 reported that Love-Robinson turned down a plea deal earlier this year in which he would have served three years in prison.

A then 18-year-old Love-Robinson was arrested in February for pretending to be a doctor at his own clinic (New Birth New Life Alternative Medicine and Urgent Care Clinic) and was caught after he gave medical advice to an undercover Sheriff's office agent. He was arrested again for the same reason in March.

Love-Robinson was freed Monday after making bail. The Sun Sentinel reported his trial starts Nov. 7.