For anyone claiming that Donald Trump isn't popular among young people, take note of 12-year-old Weston Imer, who is running one of Trump's campaign offices in Wheat Ridge, Colo. So maybe Imer isn't old enough to vote yet, but the kid loves Trump enough that he gave up part of his summer vacation to be the primary operator of one of Trump's field offices in the crucial swing state, according to FOX 31 in Denver.

While Imer's mother, Laurel Imer, is the official field officer of record, young Weston seems to be the one running the place: making calls, recruiting friends to help out with the campaign, and generally taking care of right-wing business in a tiny blazer.

In an interview with FOX 31, Imer, whose title is Co-chair for the Jefferson Country Trump Campaign, said "kids need to be educated" and encouraged people to get involved with the election. Laurel Imer told FOX 31 that parents have a responsibility to teach their children (presumably about politics and work-life balance starting at the age of 12).

Imer was busy making the last preparations for the field office's grand opening leading up to Saturday, and FOX 31 reports he will continue helping out the Trump-Pence campaign until he heads back to school in September.

Imer also said he has presidential aspirations himself, noting he would be able to run for the 2040 election. Imer also added that he would select Barron Trump (Donald Trump's 10-year-old son) as his vice presidential running mate.

Representatives for Trump's campaign did not immediately return Complex's request for comment.