A New Jersey teacher will lose his ability to mold the impressionable minds of the next generation after sending a series of extremely inappropriate texts.

David Clune, a math teacher at Timber Creek High School in New Jersey, was arrested back in August 2013 for harassing two of his underage students with 70 Facebook and text messages. "I always noticed u in the halls, between u and me...very hot and u look mature," he allegedly wrote before inviting the student to "shoot the shit and get baked...just me and u though..." According to NJ.com, the text were sent over the Fourth of July holiday weekend of 2013.

However, Clune had a pretty solid defense for his actions. With his teaching certificate on the line, he argued that he was under "considerable stress" due to his parents’ health problems. Adding to this, his disabled wife opted out of a trip to the Jersey Shore for a family gathering but, honestly, who can blame her?

Apparently, her staying behind was a huge blow "causing him to become depressed and to overindulge in alcohol." That compelling defense did not move the state Department of Education’s board of examiners who voted to revoke the teaching certificates he earned in 2003 and 2004.

"Teachers are professional employees to whom the people have entrusted the care and custody of school children. This heavy duty requires a degree of self-restraint and controlled behavior rarely requisite to other types of employment," they said after the ruling.