Ultra-conservative radio personality and noted windbag Rush Limbaugh thinks Barack and Michelle Obama need to let go of slavery. While responding to the speech Michelle Obama delivered at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday night, Limbaugh said Tuesday that the Obamas have been "nothing but hate-filled and angry and pessimistic, always ripping America."

In her speech at the convention, Michelle Obama pitched Hillary Clinton for president, while also noting the significance of her husband's success as president. She pointed out that she wakes up each day in the White House, which was built by slaves.

In his response on Wednesday, Limbaugh criticized Michelle Obama for pointing that out in her speech and said the Obamas "can't stop talking about slavery":

No matter when or what the occasion, they can't stop talking about slavery. And largely in a context of 'Hey, you know what? It isn't settled yet.' And, 'Hey, you know what? We haven't fixed it yet.' I mean, that's their starting point, and I think that's a no-win situation for us because we've made great strides.

Limbaugh then went on to say that the Obamas "are never going to let it go, so whenever we as a nation have an argument, they're always going to be circling back to that, or the way women were treated...things that have been dealt with. Things that have been addressed. Maybe not fixed forever but addressed very significantly."

Fox's Bill O'Reilly made similar comments regarding the First Lady's reference to slavery in her DNC speech. On Tuesday evening, the conservative pundit said that the slaves who built the White House were "well fed and had decent lodgings."

You can listen to what Limbaugh said in the clip above.