UPDATE 07/08/16:

Footage of the shooting, exclusively obtained by the New York Post has been released. In the footage the victim, Small, is seen leaving his car and walking over to Isaacs' car two lanes over. As soon as he gets close enough Isaacs shoots Small who stumbles forward before tumbling on the ground for a moment. Small is seen getting up before finally falling to the ground hitting two parked cars in the process causing them to shake.

After shooting Small, Isaacs moves his car forward before hitting the brakes, and getting out of his car once Small’s on the ground. Isaacs is seen putting something in his waistband with the NYP saying it's a gun he's tucking in. He looks at Small and then returns to his car, at which point in the background Small's car is seen pulling away. The NYP reported Small's girlfriend,  Zaquanna Albert, parked the car before running towards Small.

Meanwhile Isaacs is on the phone, apparently with 911, according to sources reported NYP. You can watch the video here.

See original story below.

An off-duty NYPD police officer shot and killed a man in Brooklyn in the early hours of Monday morning after the officer and the 37-year-old victim had a dispute. The Associated Press reports that the officer, who was in his own car at the time of the fight that escalated to the shooting, has not yet been named, but the victim has been identified as Delron Dempsey, according to NBC 4 in New York.

The NYPD police told NBC 4 that Dempsey and the officer both stopped at a red light, then Dempsey got out of his car and punched the officer in the head while the officer was still seated in his car. The officer then fired his service weapon at Dempsey an unknown number of times, police told NBC 4, killing Dempsey at the scene.

NBC 4 further reported that Dempsey's family is disputing the account provided by the police, stating that witnesses have said Dempsey was shot "on impulse." Dempsey's girlfriend, their infant child, and his girlfriend's teenage children were reportedly in the car. Dempsey's brother, Ali, says that his brother only got out of his vehicle so that he wouldn't have to have a confrontation in front of his family.

Ali Dempsey told NBC 4:

The only reason he [Delron] got out of the car was because the family was in the car. He was concerned. He wanted to question the guy, like, what's your angle? And that was his angle... he killed him.

Dempsey's family has already hired an attorney, according to NBC 4. 

The New York Police Department did not immediately reply to Complex's request for comment.