This guy should be happy the cops weren't toting a blue shell.

A man in Oakland led police on a decidedly not-so-high-speed chase down a freeway earlier today. His getaway vehicle of choice? A go-kart.

Yes, this would-be Mario Karter decided it would be a good idea to speed down Oakland's Interstate 880 in a vehicle fit for Princess Peach. It's not clear exactly where he came from, or how the police got on his tail. Several local police departments denied that the SUV belonged to their department. According to a report from the LA Timesthe California Highway Patrol, Oakland PD, and Alameda County Sheriff's Department all denied that they were involved in the chase, leaving the identity of the police vehicle driver a mystery.


A local rapper named Tonka Dre not only provided some colorful videos of the incident, but also gave some inside information about what might have been going on here. He explained that the driver was part of a larger meet-up of go-karts and dirtbikes, and that this driver had simply been unlucky enough to be the slowest of the bunch. “This particular person on the go kart was the slowest and the last in the pack and that's why he was being chased by police,” he wrote on Twitter.

Whoever it was, he should be glad that there weren't any strategically placed banana peels lying around. He might have been able to survive on a California freeway, but Rainbow Road seems like it might still have been a challenge for him.