Police reported a man received multiple stab wounds during a California screening of the Blake Lively-starring shark attack movie The Shallows.

Authorities said the stabbing happened Wednesday at about 4 p.m. in Santa Rosa's Roxy Theater reported the Los Angeles Times. According to Santa Rosa police Capt. Rainer Navarro, 21-year-old Adam Lucero was the victim.

"The victim was sitting watching the movie in one row and the suspect was behind him a couple seats away. About 10 minutes into the movie, the suspect stood up, walked to the victim, bent over and began stabbing him in the upper body and neck region multiple times," said Navarro reported the New York Daily News.

Police have identified the suspect as 23-year-old Delonte Anthony Hart. Hart reportedly ran out of the theater after stabbing Lucero but police caught up to him blocks away from the theater and arrested him.

Image via Santa Rosa Police Department

It was also reported moviegoers attended to Lucero's wounds before he was taken to a hospital.

According to Navarro, police found the knife used in the stabbing in the trash next to the theater's doors. Police identified it as a long butcher knife that almost killed Lucero with the blade hitting his lung reported the New York Daily News.

The stabbing was unprovoked police said as Lucero didn't know Hart.

Police said Hart, originally from Baltimore, is currently homeless and has been living in Santa Rosa for four months.

The Los Angeles Times reported investigators are trying to find out more information about Hart's past.

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