A photo posted by a man from Mount Sterling, Kentucky following a deadly motorcycle wreck in the area is garnering a lot of attention online, because of an eerie shadow in the shape of a human body can be seen floating above people at the site of the crash. Saul Vazquez shared the photo to his Facebook page on Tuesday, and since then, people have commented that the image must be of a ghost.

In his description of the photo, Vazquez said that he captured the photo of the accident from the cab of his truck. Vazquez also referred to the ghostly appearance in the photo as a "shadow," adding "All I can say is I hope everyone involved is okay!!"

Some commenters on the photo, however, seem positive that it's not a shadow at all, but a spirit or ghost. One person wrote, "[T]hank you for posting, Life after death continues and we better prepare to see the unseen... TO SEE OUR CREATOR."

Other people wanted to hear some specific information about the shadowy appearance in the photo:

Local NBC station LEX 18 reported there was only one person involved in the crash: a man riding a motorcycle who died at the hospital after being taken from the scene of the accident. Vazquez told LEX 18 the image, which has been shared from his Facebook page more than 8,000 times, was not doctored in any way.

Saul Vazquez did not immediately reply to Complex's request for comment.