An ex-school police officer in Cherokee County, Georgia who worked with K-9 cops and seemingly loved his animal companions is now connected to the death of three dogs. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Daniel Peabody, formerly the Cherokee County Schools Police Lieutenant, was charged in the death of two police dogs last month, and is now being investigated after the remains of a third dog were found buried in his backyard.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution further reported that the third dog was a Belgian Malinois who police say was 10 years old. Police told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that it appears the dog was killed by gunshot. 

Peabody resigned from his position as lieutenant of Cherokee County Schools Police last month after a 4-year-old police Belgian Malinois named Inca was found dead in Peabody's police car after having been left in the stifling heat for hours. Inca's death in Peabody's car sparked an investigation that lead police to evidence that Peabody had fatally shot a yellow lab named Dale, the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The yellow lab was killed several years ago in 2012. 

The remains of the third dog, the 10-year-old Belgian Malinois, were found by police last month while they were executing a search warrant Peabody's property. Police told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the the 10-year-old is thought to be Inca's grandmother. 

The remains of the yellow lab have not yet been found, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the investigation into Peabody's animal cruelty charges is ongoing.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office did not immediately reply to Complex's request for comment.