Demonstrators basically trolled the entire state of South Carolina, and perhaps the nation, when they raised the Confederate flag over the South Carolina State House in Columbia, S.C. on Sunday.

You might remember that it was only a year ago when the state's legislature finally voted to remove the relic, which had flown over the building for decades, after the murder of nine people at a historic black church re-ignited the debate over the flag's place in American cultureand American hate. They shipped it to a museum for storage.

A group of people known as the South Carolina Secessionist Party, which says it wants South Carolina to leave the U.S. and become its own state (hmm, sound familiar?), raised the Confederate flag on a temporary flag pole that was erected in the same spot where the old one was, The Associated Press reported. The Secessionist Party's demonstration brought out counter-protesters, who police kept separate from the other group with a metal barrier.

The rally was organized by the South Carolina Secessionist Party, and supporters held their own flags. Some dressed as a Confederate Memorial Honor Guard. They saluted as the flag rose up the pole, and the crowd applauded and cheered, with some shouting ''Leave it there!''

The temporary flag was only up for an hour or so, but there's still a permanent Confederate Soldiers Monument that remains at the State House.