Days after the Republican National Convention ended in Cleveland, the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia was marked by pro-Bernie Sanders protesters being placed in handcuffs by police. 

Outside the Wells Fargo Center, at least 55 people were reportedly cited for disorderly conduct after climbing over a barricade. Video from the scene shows people calmly and orderly being placed in plastic zip tie cuffs, though reported that police only issued those people citations for disorderly conduct and did not make any actual arrests. Police were reportedly allowing the protesters to come over the barricade one-by-one for safety, then mellowly cuffing them.

Inside, on the convention floor, pro-Bernie delegates were disrupting the proceedings as the party moved forward toward officially nominating Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate. As speakers called for party unity, people booed even more.

Via The Washington Post:

Sanders supporters booed loudly at virtually every mention of Hillary Clinton's name and at other times, defiantly led chants of "Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!"

Even Sanders himself was reportedly booed his supporters when he asked people to vote for Clinton.

It looks like Sanders might have started that "political revolution" he called for in his own campaign, and now he can't stop it.

You can watch the Complex News live stream from the DNC in Philadelphia here.

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