Last year was a rough one for the Ashley Madison community, what with that tiny massive hack and all. But everyone's favorite infidelity-enabling service isn't calling it quits just yet, as evidenced in a new batch of ads aiming to procure the public's forgiveness. For the first time ever, Mashable reports, these ads will air on something called "television." They are also soundtracked by some gentle AF acoustic-based jams, so there's that.

Last summer's hack ultimately impacted as many as 32 million users, prompting Ashley Madison's parent company Avid Life Media (now rebranded as Ruby) to revamp their operation under new CEO Rob Segal and fresh president James Millership. "The company is truly sorry for how people's lives and relationships may have been affected by the criminal theft of personal information," Segal said in a press release. "That's why we're charting a new course and making some big changes."

As part of Ashley Madison's efforts at reinstating your trust and making human existence fun again, the infamous "Life is short, have an affair" tagline has been officially canned. "It was a limiting label that's outdated and doesn't speak to the wide variety of connections people find on Ashley Madison," Segal said. "Close to 45 percent of our members are single, over 50 percent are attached and they are interested in a wide range of experiences."

One more thing: remember those alleged fem-bots that the OG Ashley Madison used to make its man-to-woman ratio look a little less unbalanced? According to Mashable, the company admitted to the practice earlier this month and revealed they put a stop to that nonsense near the end of 2015.

So what do you say? Give Ashley another chance?