Sadly, society still hasn't advanced beyond the point of pervasive street harassment. Women still experience rampant harassment, night and day, at the hands of trash men who simply refuse to evolve. A Twitter user from Atlanta, @ImJustCeej, decided to inject some "snark and sarcasm" into these experiences by starting the #NoWomanEver hashtag after sharing a harassment story of her own:

Speaking to BuzzFeed News Saturday, the woman—who chose to be identified simply as "CJ" to protect her privacy—said she felt compelled to kick off the hashtag to stop men from being "woefully obtuse" about the issue of harassment. "It just really made me feel like we've had this conversation so many times," CJ said. "They should know to either leave people alone or not engage in the conversation." CJ added that young black women were particularly upset by these experiences, prompting her to take action.

Other women quickly joined the hashtag, sharing their own stories of harassment:

Like clockwork, harassment-defending men have already started invading CJ's mentions. "The sad thing is that my mentions are still filled with men who don't understand that women have a right and reason to be afraid of the way that they're approached in public," she told BuzzFeed News.

For those @ing CJ with that nonsense, we have one simple message: