A new website lets you tell someonethey're a dick in the most straightforward but also artistic way. You can send a drawing of a penis to the mailbox of your choosing, whether it be your ex's, your boss's, or your neighbors'. Although potentially less annoying than, say, glitterbombing your enemies through mail, it's more entertaining.

Taking a cue from Saturday Night Live's romantic Christmas song "Dick in a Box", dickinyourmailbox.com allows users to order drawings of penises to be delivered to the aforementioned mailbox.  

"There are so many dickheads in this world" the website writes, as it advises users to let those "dickhead" know how they really feel. Users will be able to anonymously send their pointed message with the help of the singular service and its penis-drawing artist, "Pablo Dickasso." They even get a say in what they want drawn for the custom penisgram of sorts.

The site will deliver the drawing in 7-10 business days for a price of $9.99. There's a caveat, though: the sender and recipient both must be age 18 and older. And if for some reason you were planning on sending a drawing of a penis to a celebrity or to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (who himself has already been turned into a buttplug), pay attention.

"You may not send this to any person or organization you do not personally know, including celebrities, public figures, politicians and companies. All message notes are reviewed and any content deemed inappropriate will be omitted, which includes threats and harassment," writes the website.

Maybe a dick in a (mail)box isn't the best gift of all.