Donald Trump supporters were attacked by angry protesters following a Trump rally in San Jose, Calif. on Thursday afternoon. As police outfitted in riot gear circled those gathered outside of the San Jose Convention Center, protesters reportedly punched Trump supporters and threw eggs, traffic cones, and bottles at them. The disturbance was similar to clashes that took place between protesters and supporters at Trump rallies in San Diego and New Mexico in May, and those at the rally used social media to document what went down.

According to CNN, protesters set several objects, including an American flag and a Make America Great Again hat, on fire during the melee.

The protesters also showed up at the rally armed with signs, according to CNN. Those signs reportedly said things like "We need socialism" and "A vote for Trump is a vote for facism."

The San Jose Police Department hasn't revealed how many Trump protesters and supporters were arrested during the violent clash, but they have revealed that several people were arrested, including a protester who allegedly sucker-punched a Trump supporter. The SJPD is also reporting that one police officer was assaulted at the rally.

Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta publicly condemned the protesters early Friday morning.

During his speech at the rally, Trump claimed he is "doing well with Latinos" and said "Hillary Clinton has to go to jail" for attacks she made against him during a speech she delivered in San Diego on Thursday.

The San Jose Police Department did not immediately return Complex's request for comment.