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Video of a crime fighting pilot stopping a suspect on the run during a police chase has gone viral. Posted on Facebook by FOX26 Houston, the video has gone viral and earned three million views in the first three hours it's been up.

FOX26 posted the video with the caption, "Just moments ago...a car chase in NE Houston ended with a pilot jumping out of a helicopter to tackle the suspect running through a field."

Someone called police shortly after 1 p.m. saying there was an intruder in their home, according to FOX26. When police arrived, several suspects fled in a chase that lasted several minutes. 

Part of that chase was captured in the video above. It begins with a suspect in a red shirt and jorts running through a field with a helicopter overhead. As the suspect continues to run, a police SUV sideswipes the suspect enough to knock him down for a few seconds before he starts running again. The suspect then slows down as the police SUV gets close, and an officer is seen opening his door to exit the vehicle before the suspect takes off.

But what the suspect didn’t expect was the pilot. Like a bolt of lightning, in comes the helicopter pilot, helmet and all, chasing after the suspect and tackling him. If you look closely, the pilot even squares up to the suspect at one point. Once he’s able to pin down the suspect, the police SUV catches up. Two other officers are then seen running in to help restrain the suspect.