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Most people understand that stealing pizza from someone else is a shameful thing to do, but a man in Lafayette, La. reportedly took punishment for this violation to a whole new level. Moreover, the recipient of this punishment wasn't even a human being—the man allegedly threw away and nearly killed his 8-month-old pit bull after it ate his pizza

Officers were called to the apartment complex in Lafayette when someone discovered the pit bull in a trash can, KATC reports. After investigating, police learned that 33-year-old Lawrence Jenkins had thrown the puppy in the trash because it had eaten his pizza. Jenkins' plan was to have the garbage truck take away the dog the next morning. 

Even after the pit bull was discovered in the trash, Jenkins didn't seem too remorseful about his alleged decision to dispose of a pet. He reportedly asked for the complainant to return the dog to him so he could kill it himself. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jenkins' was not allowed to kill the pit bull, and he was arrested for animal cruelty.

And the pizza thief will not be killed for the infraction. Director of Lafayette Animal Control, Virginia Lee, told KATC the dog will either be put up for adoption or released to a rescue group, though a decision has not yet been made. Something tells us this pup won't have too much trouble finding a new forever home—one without near-fatal repercussions for eating pizza.

Representatives for the Lafayette Police Department did not immediately return Complex's request for comment.