Kanye is for the kids. And so is ice cream, of course. So with our sister site First We Feast launching the second annual #KanyeIceCreamWeek at Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream (2 Rivington St), it only makes sense that we'd use children as the focus group to kick the tires on SZN 2's menu for an unbiased take. After all, one kid declares "I don't even know who Kanye is" while another says "He's like, a singer and these are his favorite flavors, or something." God bless the children.

This year the menu includes a specific Kids section inspired by Kanye's own children, North and Saint. Complex and FWF had a group of kids try both of those flavors—Nori is Japanese white sesame and Saint, raw-milk. The "Beautiful Morning" coffee milkshake and the Panda cone (shout out to Desiigner) were big hits...but they couldn't handle the super luxe Bound 2 banana split. Watch these adorable kids rate everything on the menu (save the Hennessey shake, duh), pick a favorite and try not to get a brain freeze. And don't forget to channel your own inner kid and hit up Morgenstern's from June 2-12 to pig out on the #KanyeIceCreamWeek menu. As Kanye once wisely advised us, "Listen to the kids, bro!"

Peep the full menu below.