If like many other millions of young people in the country you woke up horrified to find that Ramsay Bolton, sorry, Nigel Farage has led Britain’s old/racist/conspiracy theorist hordes to victory, you may need some comforting. We’re not making assumptions here, that’s just the stats. 

via YouGov

If you missed it (where have you been?), last night the most brutal, vitriolic political battle of this century came to an end. It was won on a knife edge with the politics of fear – particularly the issue (ahem, scapegoating) of immigration – proving victorious. It was a divisive race with clear lines of opposition being drawn – young vs old, city dwellers vs the provincial, Scotland vs England, London vs England, Northern Ireland vs England, Europe vs England. Can someone tell England's mum that he is not socialising well with the other kids in class?

It was a gruelling and exhausting experience, but it’s not over yet: David Cameron resigned this morning, and the markets plummeted. The impact will be felt for many more weeks, if not months and years. Winter is coming, and we need to plan.

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