A former University of Indiana student and former member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity who was charged in two separate rape cases was sentenced to probation and a single day in jail after making a deal with prosecutors.

John Enochs will serve one year of probation for pleading guilty to "battery with moderate bodily injury," which is a misdemeanor, Fox 59 reported. One of Enochs' rape cases was downgraded from felony rape to the misdemeanor charge. The other rape charge was completely dismissed. Enochs had already served exactly one day in jail.

Citing court documents, the station said the most recent victim accused Enochs of raping her in a fraternity house in 2015 where he'd held her down until she was able to get away. Surveillance footage showed Enochs and the woman entering a bedroom at the house together,  and health officials later said the woman had suffered a laceration on her genitals. Another woman accused Enochs of raping her in a similar way  at a sorority house in 2013.

Some people are drawing comparisons between Enochs's sentence and the case of Brock Turner, the former Stanford student who was handed down a controversially lenient six months in jail after he was convicted of raping a woman outside a campus fraternity house. 

The prosecutors who were bringing the rape cases against Enochs told People the plea deal was necessary because there were problems getting the 2015 victim to cooperate as a witness, and "neither case, standing alone, presented sufficient evidence to prove rape."

Meanwhile Enochs' family released a statement of their own on behalf of Enochs to ABC News

"John Enochs did admit to conduct in one instance what the Court found to be a misdemeanor. He is profoundly sorry for his lack of judgment and has apologized for his conduct."