Porn stars may have sex professionally, but that doesn't mean they can't have sex lives or love lives off camera. So, in the latest installment of its series "AskaA Porn Star," which has investigated everything from what objects porn stars have had inside them to whether or not they fake orgasms, the porn and humor video service Wood Rocket asked porn stars about their real-life romances. 


The video features female porn stars who are currently in relationships, mostly with other porn actors and directors. "When your significant other is in the same industry, it makes it a lot easier," says Lily Lane in the video. Otherwise, the performers agreed their profession makes dating harder, often because people aren't willing to date a porn star. "It can be really difficult for a porn performer to find a significant other that is accepting of their career choice since their career choice includes sex with many partners," Wood Rocket creator Lee Roy told Complex. 

It does seem to make their relationships more adventurous, though. "The first time we had sex was a three-way with his girl roommate," says Veruca James, whose fiancé also works in the porn industry. But normally, she said their lives are pretty tame—they'll watch TV, cook dinner, and do everything else couples do. 

Most interviewees said they're able to separate their work lives from their personal lives, though Aubrey Snow and her partner have an arrangement for balancing the two: They only do gay scenes, and if someone wants her to do a straight scene, she'll ask if he can be her scene partner. Dava Foxx says her work enhances her professional life, since her partner watches her scenes to get ideas.

That doesn't mean porn stars are all acting out their scripts in the bedroom, though. Billy Procida, a comedian and Manwhore Podcast host who once slept with a porn star, told Complex that sex with a porn star was just like sex with anyone else—"other than I knew what she looked like with a dick in her mouth beforehand."

So, there you have it. Porn stars: They're just like us.