Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has confused/delighted his Twitter followers this morning, Tweeting two photos of dank, green weed.

The photos are of course recently legalised medicinal marijuana crops, which are being grown by the state of Victoria and will be made available to those in need. The state-sanctioned nature of the crops explains the absence of the usual #420 #blazeit hashtags that would usually accompany such a photo on social media. It was funny to see Andrews boast that the crops have been “tested and sampled” in a following Tweet however. 

No word on who was actually testing the weed on a taxpayer-funded salary though. Shoutout to whoever scored that job.

Andrews followed up by promising the weed will be ready in two months, before declaring “In 2017, we’ll make this life-saving treatment available to the sick kids who need it most.”

So, I guess politicians can freely Tweet photos of weed now. 2016 is crazy.

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