When Michael Paterson from Glasgow landed at Accra Airport in Ghana recently, he was devastated to discover that his suitcase had been broken into. His phone, laptop and a projector were all in there. Yet despite the crime, they were all still there. 

The only thing taken: the chocolate caramel wafers he brought as a gift to the Ghanaian family he was staying with.

He told STV News:

I could not believe it. I searched high and low but traced them going missing to what happened at the airport.

I thought it had been some security check on my cases and when I saw the valuable stuff was still there I was happy to carry on my way. I had been out in Ghana before and I knew they liked Scottish things and I thought the caramel wafers would go down a treat.

It’s pretty mad, but have you ever tried Tunnock's caramel wafers? They’re a Scottish thing, you might not have come across them, but they are seriously some of the greatest chocolates available. Really. We might not take them over a brand new MacBook Pro, but if it was just a £300 old Windows machine, we can understand.