Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer has congratulated his sister Mary in a Facebook post, after she took out the Miss Lebanon Australia pageant over the weekend.

After blowing us away with his star-studded birthday party for wife Aysha (who may or may not have actually been there,) Salim has shown us once again that – even when Tyga and Omarion aren't around – all the Mehajers do is win win win no matter what.

Mehajer captioned the photo “Greatness is to stay humble when the world calls you great.” An earlier photo of Mehajer with friends at the event was captioned “A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose.” Somebody get this dude on Tumblr, he’s gonna kill it.

The pageant took place at Sydney’s Doltone House, before an audience of over 600 people. "All the girls were very nice so it was a difficult decision for the judges to appoint a winner," event organiser Joseph Khoury told Fairfax.

Not everyone was psyched on Mary’s victory however, with one Facebook commenter claiming the win was "so rigged." Shots fired!

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