Fast food restaurant soda cups have been known to contain all sorts of things besides soda—not the least of which has allegedly been meth. A New Hampshire woman was reportedly startled to discover a razor blade in her daughter's soda cup at a local Wendy's.

The incident occurred on Apr. 29 at the Wendy's in Keene, N.H. Aubrey Simonds opened her daughter's drink and found the gunk-covered razor at the bottom of the cup. She posted three pictures to Facebook detailing her discovery, one with the drink full of clear soda and a second with a close-up of the blade. 

Simonds wrote how thankful she was that nothing serious happened. While her daughter did take a few sips, she is reportedly doing fine.  

Image via Aubrey Simonds/Facebook

As for where the razor blade came from? It was reportedly left behind by a cleaning company that serviced the restaurant on Apr. 28. A Wendy’s employee found the blade on Apr. 29 in a trash can and moved it to a cup because they didn’t want it to hurt another employee, according to The Keene Sentinel.

The city’s acting health director, John L. Rogers, learned about the incident on May 2 by way of a police report. After investigating the incident, he decided not to cite the restaurant. Instead, his department encouraged the Wendy's location to review its safety protocols. 

Jennifer Zullo, director of operations for the franchise in charge of the Keene Wendy's, said nothing like this has ever happened in the 40 years the location has been open. "An unfortunate chain of events led to a bad accident," she told The Sentinel. Zullo said the company will launch an internal investigation. 

Upon our reaching out to Wendy’s, a representative declined to comment. Simonds did not immediately respond to Complex’s request for comment.