A Melbourne DJ and a nightclub promoter have been caught allegedly attempting to smuggle one kilo of ketamine into the country, Fairfax reports.

Kasey Roy Taylor and Robert Charles Oung tried to bring in 500 grams of the drug each from Asia. Taylor was supposedly one of a number of members of the Melbourne club scene under a long period of surveillance by police.

The two have been charged with importing a marketable quantity of an illegal substance, and were taken to the Alfred Hospital so that the drug could eject itself from their system into the waiting hands of police.

The duo has since been granted bail and will face court in August, but 44-year-old Taylor doesn’t seem to give a damn according to his social media pages, apparently posting images of himself getting lit at the Railway Hotel over the weekend.

It should be noted that this was the very same place that was raided early last week and found to be housing a whole bunch of ice and coke – putting forward a very clear case for his total innocence.

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