Former Rose Tattoo front man Angry Anderson has decided to run for the Senate in NSW, as a part of anti-Islam party the Australian Liberty Alliance, MusicFeeds reports. Unhappy with how major parties have dealt with immigration, Anderson claims that they simply haven’t been satisfying his political needs – but the ironically-named ALA, who we've covered before, apparently can.

“We live in deeply troubled times and there are those who oppose us at every step of the way,” Anderson said, explaining his choice to represent the party. The ALA’s policies are hard-line on immigration, especially “Islamisation”; and of course, this includes banning full face coverings.

In a totally unexpected twist, the ALA is also in favour of what they call advancing a “natural families” agenda, which will likely be a huge blow to all those "unnatural" families that apparently exist out there.

Clearly sick of just being seen as a bad boy for love, Anderson has been picking up form as a conservative particularly on the issue of Islam, citing an inability for people of the faith to assimilate into Australian society. He has also previously run as a candidate for the National party on a similar platform in 2013, due to Islamic migrants receiving what he believed to be preferential treatment.

At the end of the day, we can't really be surprised by this because, well, he's Angry Anderson. It seems like we'll have to wait and see how well he goes, but we're sure he'll be hoping the party follows Rose Tattoo's form and can't be beaten – the Islamic community might not be as hopeful for that particular outcome, however.