When a Sarasota, Florida, high school senior known on Twitter as "Fly Shit Only" tweeted a request for weed, she didn't think much would come of it. She told Complex she was just "having a bum night" and "needed a pick me up." What she got, however, was much more than that. 

Soon, the Sarasota Police Department tweeted at her, reminding her that the substance is illegal in her state

"I thought it was hilarious! I immediately retweeted obviously," said Fly Shit Only, who requested anonymity and wants everyone to know she's "not a crook."

The tweet went viral beyond her interaction with police, and sparked a debate about the legalization of marijuana. "My phone blew up," she recalled.

Her personal opinion on the matter is: "IT'S WHACK FOR REAL." 

"It should be legal in every state," she added. "It's not harmful."

Fly Shit Only may have started a conversation, but she still never got her weed. The conclusion of this whole debacle?

"I should have just walked down the street to the house full of college boys," she said. "Would have been more successful there."

The Sarasota Police Department did not immediately return Complex's request for comment.