A lot can happen in three days. That's 72 hours of potential, meaning anything is impossible. Finally finishing a thorough read of The Big Butt Book 3D? Plausible. Kicking off a fresh diet and workout plan? Totally doable. Finally noticing the fact that you shot yourself with your own gun? You got it.

One Florida man learned the value of noticing seemingly urgent gunshot wounds the hard way, becoming privy to his own injury only after changing shirts. Deltona resident Michael Blevins checked himself in at the Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Saturday, WKMG reports. Blevins, 37, had discovered entrance and exit wounds on his arm after making the wardrobe change.

Blevins had been cleaning a .22 caliber pistol days earlier when he stood up, felt a sharp pain in his lower back from a previous injury, then fell face first on the floor. While cleaning the handgun, Blevins kept it pressed against his chest so that his dog wouldn’t jump at or near the potential line of fire. According to the report, Blevins believed he didn't initially feel the pain of the gunshot due to medication he takes for back pain.

By the time he made it to the hospital, the bleeding form his arm was minimal due to the fact that the wound had already had enough time to cauterize. Local deputies took Blevins home after he was discharged and concluded the shooting was accidental, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.