For months it has seemed inevitable, and now it has officially come to pass: the GOP candidate for the presidential nominee has just earned the 1,237 delegates needed to secure his nomination. Well, really, he has 1,238, the Associated Press reports, but all the same, as Donald Trump is that much closer to representing the Republicans in November's general election. 

While many thought that this event was an unlikely one last summer on the fateful day Trump announced his campaign, he rapidly gained popularity among Republican constituents, and has garnered massive media attention for his heated campaign rhetoric, and for his heavily protested rallies throughout the country. 

The social media reaction to the updated delegate count has been swift. Many are excited about Trump getting the delegates needed to bypass the possibility of a contested convention:

Others are less than pleased with the recent development:

With any chance of a contested convention in July for the Republicans gone, the party, and the rest of the country, now must face presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.