UPDATE 5/27/16:

Donald Trump has now confirmed that he will not be debating Bernie Sanders. He feels as though it would be "inappropriate":

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Donald Trump is down to debate Bernie Sanders. The taco-loving Republican presidential candidate appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night and told host Jimmy Kimmel he would be open to doing a debate with Sanders—for the right price.

When Kimmel asked Trump if he would be willing to debate Sanders in California, he said he would. But then, Trump asked, "How much are you going to pay me?" Trump explained that, because a debate between the two would generate huge ratings, a network would have to pay up to make it happen. He went on to say he would donate the money to charity.

Sanders hopped on Twitter almost immediately to respond to the challenge:

CBS News is now reporting that Trump was just kidding about the possibility of a debate with Sanders. But throughout his interview with Kimmel, Trump was oddly supportive of Sanders, who he said he's never had the "pleasure" of meeting face-to-face. Perhaps in an attempt to court those Sanders supporters who've said they'll vote for Trump if Sanders doesn't get the Democratic nomination, Trump said "the system is rigged against him." He also said "it's unfair to him, and I don't like it" while talking about Hillary Clinton's lead over Sanders.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kimmel pushed Trump to reveal where he stands on the transgender bathroom debate. Trump dodged the question by saying, "Let the states decide." When Kimmel pushed back and asked for Trump's personal opinion, Trump said, "I don't know yet...Honestly, I don't know."

Kimmel also told Trump that the recording of the People magazine phone interview where Trump pretended to be his own PR rep, "John Miller," was "brilliant," though he continued to deny that Miller was actually him. He did, however, admit to using made up names, such as "Baron," to get better deals while purchasing real estate throughout his career.

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