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While many of the so-called adults currently calling the shots here in the United States continue to make things much worse, the next generation of potential revolutionaries is already hard at work spreading a message of enlightenment. Just consult this footage, first uploaded by @NaomiYitna, of a 10-year-old student confidently explaining just how depressing the realities facing our criminal justice system really are.

"[The criminal justice system] is really not fair," the student explains. "The average person that's wealthy can easily pay their way out of prison. It's really all about money. The people that have the money always pay their way out." As noted by this very well-informed individual, the people that do end up making it to, say, death row are usually "people that hardly have anything." The inspiration behind this discussion? American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.

"It was the way that [O.J.] represented himself," he says. "It was the way that he paid people to let him free." As for the context of the footage, @NaomiYitna says she was mentoring children at an elementary school "on debating" and was so fascinated by the student's thoughts that she simply had to hit record.

So just how messed up is our criminal justice system? President Barack Obama spoke on the pressing need for reform back in December, ultimately pardoning several prisoners and commuting the sentences of others: