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While it doesn't look as terrifying as this middle school girl getting body slammed, or come off as bizarrely stupid as the teacher who thought Bridesmaids made it alright to slap a child in front of the entire class, the Texas teacher seen in the video above clearly lost her mind when she decided to go upside a kid's head—repeatedly. And of course someone was taking video. This is a high school classroom after all.

Texas station KFDM reports that the geometry teacher, Mary A. Hastings, was arrested on assault charges after the video surfaced on Twitter showing her slapping the student. It's not clear what started this whole thing, but you can hear her at the start of the video, right after she knocks all the papers off his desk, say, " ... because you're stopping him from graduating you idiot ass." 

When the stunned kid, who you can see trying to play it off like no big deal, cries out, "Why you did that?," Hastings responds by mocking him.

Here's the official statement from the Beaumont school district: 

The Beaumont Independent School District can confirm that an Ozen High School teacher was arrested today for physically assaulting a student. The conduct was substantiated by video footage viewed by BISD police and administration. The District is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our students. BISD does not condone employees abusing any child and will not tolerate such conduct. The teacher was immediately removed from the classroom and placed on administrative leave pending action on her contract.