Snapchat, the social media that's been a site to works of art like Kylie Jenner's short film, is making its face swapping feature even more fun for users. The update for the app will allow users to face swap with existing photos saved on their phones. Snapchat needs this win after taking an L on 4/20 when users complained about its Bob Marley filter being a form of "digital blackface."

A source of endless hours of fun and laughs the Snapchat face swap has provided us with this confusing, scary look at seemingly identical twins Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. And who can forget this face swap horror tale of one of the most good-looking couples on earth Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Mashable reports that as of Thursday Snapchat users will be able to face swap with photos saved on their phones.

But there's a catch. Only Snapchat users with iOS—the latest iOS to be exact—get to join in on the fun reports Mashable. Other changes with the update include users being able to replay one snap for free.

Safe to say people are enjoying it already.