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Remember those two 12-year-olds who invited their classmate over for a sleepover, took her to the woods, and stabbed her 19 times with a five inch blade to take her to the fictional horror legend of a character, Slender Man? Well, they're 14 now, and the trial isn't even close to reaching a conclusion.  

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier are currently suspects in an attempted murder case, and have placed the blame on trying to prove Slender Man was real. The case has fascinated many, as attempted murder is not something you would normally associate with 12-year-old girls. As such, the psychology of the girls has been subject of a documentaryBeware the Slenderman

The New York Post and Associated Press report that the attorneys of the two suspects, Anthony Cotton and Maura McMahon, requested a Wisconsin judge to reduce their bonds from $500,000 as the families have not been able to afford to pay them. However, the judge denied their request.

The girls have been in custody for two years, and it was initially intended for them to face trial as adults, which could result in a 65 year sentence. The courts are considering moving their case to juvenile court for a presumably fairer trial.

Cotton has attempted to get his client released on many occasions. Past claims include that his client's mental health has significantly improved, as she was initially diagnosed with early on-set schizophrenia. Additionally, she was allegedly sexually assaulted at the detention center where she was being held.

The teens aren't the only ones reportedly affected by Slender Man, as a Florida teen who visited the alleged site of Slender Man's murders and his home set her house on fire while her mother and brother were still sleeping. Another Slender Man fan attacked her mother with a knife after writing about him in her diary.