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Weed may or may not deal some damage to your brain, but on the bright side, it may do wonders for your sex life.

According to the SKYN Condoms' 2015 Millennial Sex Survey, which included 5,117 Americans ages 18 to 34, regular weed-smokers have more sex, more partners, and more confidence in the bedroom, the company told NTRSCTN in a statement. 

In fact, daily marijuana smokers are incredibly busy: 14 percent have sex more than once a day, compared to five percent of people who never smoke. 

And they haven't just been getting it on with one person all the time: Only five percent of daily smokers (compared to 23 percent of non-smokers) have had just one partner, and 37 percent (compared to 14 percent of non-smokers) have had 15 or more partners.

Maybe that's because stoners are killing it in the bedroom—or at least they think they are. The majority, with 59 percent, say they're "amazing" or "very good" in bed, while only 41 percent of non-smokers said the same.

If stoners' own beliefs about their sexual prowess are true, online daters are in luck, since they can find 34 percent of pot smokers (versus 21 percent of non-smokers) on dating sites.

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