Contrary to what people like Utah Gov. Gary Herbert say about porn, the adult entertainment industry has produced a number of positives. XHamster recently blocked access to its X-rated content for North Carolina users in protest of the state’s anti-LGBT laws and have urged users to sign a petition to repeal the bill instead. Outside of politics, PornHub is doing you a solid and letting you stream their videos on your TV for free. It’s also delving into technology by serving up free virtual reality porn.

But the popular steaming site has to stumble some time and it fell right into offensive territory with its latest venture. The site just launched a service called "Emoji 4 Porn" where users can text an emoji and receive a video on the phone that fits with what was sent. The categories have were broken down into the emojis below, but one of them is gaining attention for all the wrong reasons:

For the Latina category, PornHub decided to roll with the taco emoji and Twitter was not okay with that, according to the Huffington Post. I mean, what’s not offensive about delegating an entire group to one stereotypical food?   



Obviously, someone missed the memo on proper emoji etiquette. #PeopleAreNotFoods. 

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